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Experienced IT Security Consultants

At RJ Pro our experienced security experts are trained to evaluate weaknesses and identify the potential for a next-generation security threat before it happens. Most businesses will fall victim to an attack at some point, but having your network running efficiently will ensure that the system recovers quickly. Our managed cybersecurity team brings together the industry’s leading security technologies in one simple, effective service.

What is Cyber Security Threat?

When someone says “cyber security threat,” they mean any possible malicious attack that seeks unlawful access to your data or disruption to your business’s digital operations. The only protection from these threats is to implement the latest protection and educate employees on prevention.

Security Training

On-demand cyber security training for your staff with our security partner.

Ensure Continuity

Identify and prevent security threats to reduce downtime.

RJ Pro Approach to Cyber Security

RJ PRO approach to security is to first inspect for hidden vulnerabilities and then educate users on preventative measures. Hidden vulnerabilities in your software, hardware, or websites may allow cybercriminals to break into your system. These can include easy targets such as out-of-date browser plug-ins or outdated software packages. Identifying and addressing these liabilities allows for a proactive approach to network protection.

Security Training for your Employees

The second piece of our approach is to provide security awareness training for employees that includes simulated phishing attacks and cyber-security training. Results from the training will help assess the security culture of your company and inform our recommendations for security features for your network. Educating your employees and creating a level of proficiency surrounding cyber threats reduces your business’s overall risk.

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Is Your Company Cyber Secure?

No one believes they are at risk for cyber security breaches until something happens. Unfortunately, risk exists whether you do something or not. Are you prepared?

Our simple cyber security risk review process will allow you to understand your current risks and what you can do about it.

During this process, we will take a proactive look at your current cyber security, liability, and your overall RISK.