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Here’s your copy of my book. Start reading David’s story tonight

Thanks for requesting a copy of my book. There’s a scary tale inside and I urge you to read David’s story.

But it’s not been written to scare you; rather to show you the realities of cyber security these days. Hackers really are targeting all businesses, all the time, using clever automated tools. And it really does take only one click on a bad link to let them in.

The only reliable protection is a blended approach to security. That means:

  • The right software mix to protect your business (without frustrating your staff every day)
  • And training for your team. This is the smart approach used by thousands of businesses around here

When was the last time you had a cyber security review on your business? We can do this discreetly and efficiently, so you then know exactly how well protected you are, and where you need to increase your defenses.

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