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For 42% of Millennial Workers, Not Having Access to the Latest Technologies is a Dealbreaker

Like it or not, millennials will make up a large part of your workforce in the near future. In your own business, you may have noticed quite the difference in the way that millennials approach work compared to other members of your staff. One of the biggest differences that you might have noticed is that millennials have no problem job-hopping. According to a recent b2ap3_large_office_tech_important_to_millennials_400study, one of the biggest reasons why millennials leave a company is due to outdated technology.

Granted, you might notice that this doesn’t necessarily apply to millennials exclusively. Anyone who is experiencing technology troubles will, of course, be frustrated. It’s not abnormal for an employee to expect a working workstation, and if you provide them with the technology they need to succeed, chances are that you’ll experience less turnover and your employees will be loyal.

A Future Workforce Study by Dell and Intel examined millennials and found that 42 percent of them have no problem leaving a company that can’t provide them with quality technology to do their job. This particular report examined 4,000 full-time employees from many different industries in ten different countries. The same study found that 51 percent of millennials think that virtual reality and Internet of Things devices will play a major role in the future work environment, completely eliminating the need for face-to-face meetings.

One of the reasons that this theory floats is because, when you think about it, employees are consumers at heart. Plus, when you consider the fact that millennials have grown up using technology, it makes sense that they expect things to just work for them. While millennials might not understand your IT budget, you should at least try to understand the root of their frustration with technology issues. Take the time to explain how and why things work so that you don’t have to take even more time to find a replacement for a resigning employee.

Losing a good employee due to technology troubles is less excusable than ever, now that it’s so easy to keep your technology up to date. You can take advantage of the best technology solutions “as a service,” meaning that all you have to do is pay by the month for comprehensive IT support. It’s now easier than ever to get exactly the type of support you need at a reasonable price, allowing you to bypass massive up-front costs that break budgets.

Basically, you need to think about it in the grand scheme of things rather than short-term. If your server fails to function properly, you need to be able to restore it as soon as possible. Otherwise, you experience crippling downtime which can break your budget. Preventing it from happening in the first place by taking advantage of proactive maintenance and management is the ideal choice. You can take this one step further by replacing old and ailing technology regularly, so that you’re always using new and improved systems.