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Managing Your Computer Equipment Doesn’t Have to Be a Headache

Every business has hardware, like workstations, servers, and other devices, that are critical to its operational efficiency. However, managing your hardware can be tricky, especially if you’re a small or medium-sized b2ap3_large_managing_hardware_400business that has limited time and resources. If your business doesn’t have a process put in to place to handle hardware inventory and deployment, perhaps it’s time that you consider implementing one.

Especially today, mobile devices have become a major part of the workplace, and employees are often given hardware like smartphones or laptops in order to stay productive while out of the office. With your business’s hardware constantly on the move, it can become difficult to keep track of who has what device, and what data is stored on it. As a business owner, it’s imperative that you’re able to track your business’s hardware assets for a number of reasons. In particular, here are three of them that you’ll need to be especially wary of.

Hardware is Expensive
If you were to lose track of any piece of technology, be it a workstation, laptop, server unit, storage device, or so on, how much would it set your budget back? Technology isn’t cheap, and it shouldn’t be treated like it’s easily replaceable. By keeping a close eye on your business’s technology assets, you can always know where your hardware solutions are located, and who they have been allocated to.

Hardware Can Contain Sensitive Information
If your business is using mobile devices, they probably contain sensitive information that could be stolen by hackers while on the move. Your business needs to keep track of devices that are distributed to your workforce, and your staff should also be educated on security best practices.

Office Relocation is a Pain without Hardware Management
Have you ever relocated your office and discovered that some of your technology went missing during the move? This is all too common. Moving is a pain as it is, but finding out that you’re missing mission-critical hardware makes it even worse.

Is your business having a tough time keeping track of your technology assets? If so, RJ PRO has a solution just right for you. Our hardware management solution lets you keep a precise inventory of your organization’s assets. We offer multiple solutions that can aid in this process:

Asset Management
Manually keeping track of your IT inventory can lead to error, so you want a more comprehensive solution. One of the best ways you can keep track of your technology is by attaching barcodes to everything and keeping a detailed record of your organization’s assets. This process is performed through scanning barcodes, which updates a virtual inventory of your IT assets. With this process, you will at least know the status of your technology.

Mobile Device Management
We can help your business keep track of its mobile devices, regardless of where they are. With a mobile device management solution, you can whitelist and blacklist apps from accessing sensitive corporate data, and potentially wipe devices remotely should they become lost or compromised.