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Tip of the Week: 2 Cool Services that Let You Try a Gadget Before You Buy It

The Internet is a great place to find information on a technology solution before going all-in on the purchase. Yet, sometimes you’ll purchase a hardware component that doesn’t quite meet your expectations. While it’s sometimes possible b2ap3_large_rent_technologies_today_400to go through the hassle of returning it, you can avoid this problem altogether by renting the technology rather than purchasing it immediately.

Today, most gadget rental services primarily deal with popular consumer electronics, such as smartphones, cameras, wearables, drones, headphones, and so much more. Still, some of these devices might be handy to have around the office. Even if not for business practices, some of these consumer devices might be just what you’ve been looking for, but haven’t been fully committed to purchasing.

In most cases, these rental systems are remarkably straightforward. You browse a website and select the item you want to try. You then pay a small fee to cover the cost of you possessing the item for a certain degree of time. The item is then mailed to you and the trial period starts once you’ve obtained your device. You can use the product as you see fit, and when you’re finished, you send it back and pay for the time you used it.

If you decide that you would like to keep the product, you pay for it and part of the rental fee will be deducted from the price. Of course, the rates will depend on which rental company you go with, as well as the type of product that you’ve been renting.

This presents a clear advantage; you only have to invest in technology that you’re sure you want and need. Plus, if you only need it for a specific amount of time, you can take advantage of the technology for a fraction of what it would cost to purchase outright–like if you just need two turntables and a microphone for an event.

You also need to take into account that some new gadgets are only fun for a finite amount of time and swiftly lose their value as you use them. Renting a drone might sound fun, but you might find that instead of using it to reap some sort of benefit, it’s just sitting in your garage collecting dust. In this situation, it’s better to just pay to rent it for a weekend rather than purchasing it outright.

Two popular websites to check out if you’re wanting to rent cool technology are Lumoid and Grover.

Lumoid is a great way to purchase specialized equipment like camera gear and wearables. Additionally, they have a nice selection of drones, high-end headphones, and others. PCMag offers this review: “You can try several devices at once for a reasonable cost, or simply rent items, such as the new Apple Watch or a drone quadcopter, on a short-term basis… Prices vary, shipping took more than two weeks in my trial, and the loan times can be a little tight, but Lumoid’s convenience makes it a worthwhile service.”

Grover is new to the United States, but unlike Lumoid, Grover offers a more diverse selection of gadgetry. Gadgets like smartphones, virtual reality devices, laptops, projectors, and video game consoles are all available on a rent-to-own plan. In an interview with PCMag, Grover CEO Michael Cassau is quick to explain what sets his company apart: “Grover is not about trying before buying but about replacing buying altogether because it’s unnecessary and largely debt financed. Consumers are granted the freedom from purchasing one gadget at a large upfront cost and given the ability to experience multiple gadgets at a reasonable price point. How long a consumer wants to keep a product is up to them.”

In much the same way, there are several IT hardware companies that offer leasing services so your business can get the technology it needs at a reasonable rate. If this sounds like a good deal, you can reach out to RJ PRO at 209.920.4077. We’ll work with your business to find the technology you need, when you need it.